Top Cow's Think Tank #12 Review 1

Top Cow’s Think Tank #12 Review

Title: Think Tank #12
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist: Rahsan Ekedal
Cover: Rahsan Ekedal

Top Cow's Think Tank #12 Review Think Tank #12 Review 3Think Tank #12 Review 1

Think Tank #12 Review

I believe when you use the word “Brilliant” to describe a comic book series, it needs to have particular elements to truly fit this description. It has to be structured and thoughtful. It needs to have a flow which keeps you reading, page by page, panel by panel. It needs to be relevant and immerse you into its pages. In this reader’s opinion, Think Tank, the creation of Top Cow president and CEO Matt Hawkins and talented artist Rahsan Ekedal, is Brilliant.

It started as a four issue limited series in May of 2012, but then released in August of 2012 with a ten issue run. The story, receiving fanfare and accolades from readers, was announced that it was being pushed into a twenty issue run in July 2013, with the possibility as an ongoing series if the book continues to do well. So what makes this series, now going into its twelfth issue, so worthy of praise? Simply put its all in the details.

The story focuses on Dr. David Loren, a slacker non-conformist genius who was recruited at the age of 14 to design weapons for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Being bogged down by what DARPA is doing with his creations, David (now grown up) wants to get out of weapon creation and leave the life he has been living. Unfortunately, DARPA has other thoughts for him, and use unconventional tactics to keep him at bay.

So why should you read it? The story is not only original and fresh, but it is extremely grounded in facts. Beyond the fantastic quotes which open up each issue of this series, you have the “Science Class” at the end of each issue where Matt breaks down the science and technology used in that story. I love this. I love that attention to detail which makes the reader more engrossed in their world.

Rahsan art is fantastic. He brings the story to life with solid lines and the panels boarder between realism and sometimes cartoony actions. It keeps the lighthearted moments without taking away from the seriousness of the action. His facial expressions are fantastic and when it comes to the violence, it is captured accurately and with a rich detail for being in black and white.

Think Tank takes modern warfare and government cover ups and tells a story which feels like it could be happening behind the veil. Issue twelve wraps up a fantastic story arch that saw David attempt to save his government issued girlfriend, grasp control of a gene specific bioweapon that he created, and expose a high ranking government conspiracy which goes right up to the president’s staff. This is all I can really reveal without spoiling this great comic. If you enjoy that heart racing story which challenges you to think outside the box, but doesn’t rely heavily on things that are too far out of this world, then this comic is for you.

Rating this comic I took a lot of things into consideration: how well the story flows, how satisfied I am with the outcome, if there was a shock value. The answer to all 3 is yes as Matt and Rahsan have created a great series worth every dollar to read.


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