Trailer For ‘Venus and Serena’ Pisses Me Off!

I have to say that after watching the trailer for the documentary Venus and Serena, I have absolutely no desire to see it.

The film looks like a glossy promotion instead of a documentary delving into the more serious and interesting aspect of parents forcing their ambitions onto their children. Instead, it appears to be a series of talking heads advertising their talents in tennis.

The opening statement really annoyed me for two reasons:

The first is that it is simply ridiculous to suggest that black people have no place in sport.

In this day and age, why make reference to being black?

I know that there are a few inbred hillbillies and the occasional skinhead wandering around, but prejudice exits for all cultures, race and religions.

A statement like that is not only ridiculous and ill-informed, it serves as a way to segregate yourself from society as you view yourself as being different.

A similar comparison would be me saying:

Despite being white and Catholic, I write a movie blog!

Who gives a flying fuck if I’m white or Catholic?

If someone continues to come back to Good Movies Bad Movies to read our content they have absolutely no vested interest in who we are, what religion we belong to or the colour of our skin.

The same applies to tennis as their success and fame isn’t based upon people being opposed to them because of the colour of their skin, it is because they have incredible talent in their sport…

If anything, Venus and Serena should have honed in on the insecurities about their race and their beliefs that a racial divide exists within tennis and society. That mixed with parents pressuring their children into sport would have made for a fascinating documentary.

Instead we get this pish…

Chris McCarron

I'm an angry Scotsman, fanatical about Doctor Who with a savage hunger for comic-books and an unrivalled passion for video games. Owner of GoGoChimp