Transformers Monstrosity Issue #12 2

Transformers: Monstrosity Issue #12 Motion Comic Review

Title: Transformers: Monstrosity Issue #12
Written by Flint Dille , Chris Metzen
Art by: Livio Ramondelli

Transformers Monstrosity Issue #12

Ever since I was a boy I have been a fan of the Transformers. They’ve had different variations, from screen to print, and all of them fantastic in their own right. Now IDW Publishing has put together a Twelve-chapter, digital-first series, from the veteran creative team of writers Chris Metzen and Flint Dille and interior/cover artist Livio Ramondelli. Along with a printed and digital copy of the comic-book, IDW have also released Transformers: Monstrosity Issue #12 as a motion comic.

In this Issue Megatron and Grimlock are forced to work side by side to survive within the depths of Trypticon while the Autobots attempt to stop the monster (hence the title of the series) from the outside.

Motion comics have become a popular way to bring the page to life and being a fan of medium, I found both positives and negatives about Transformers: Monstrosity Issue #12. The art is fantastic, dark and gritty as one would expect from Transformers, and it really is the “saving grace” of the motion comic-book. The “motion” seems stiff and word bubbles appear, as if to guide the reader when to read them. I am not sure if there were constraints when working with the original comic to convert it into a motion comic, but originality seemed to be far from present on this work. As a motion comic, Transformers: Monstrosity Issue #12 feels like a reworked “take my hand and I’ll walk you through this”.

The one cool motion effect I enjoyed was actually the cover, as the mouse acts like a motion detector, and the Transformers on the cover move according to where you move with the mouse. Another positive is that the motion comic breaks down each panel into readable chunks. This gives you time to really enjoy the art and details that go into each issue which has always been something I have enjoyed from motion comics.

The original comic-book will cost you half of what the motion comic costs. For a comic buyer on a budget looking for an honest opinion on the extra value of having the motion comic: save your money. If you enjoy dropping down for great artwork, which in the long run every motion comic’s purpose is to make the characters and story jump out from the page, then go ahead and pick up Transformers: Monstrosity Issue #12 Motion Comic. Just don’t expect too much beyond great artwork and a good story.

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