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Wargaming News, Reviews, Tactics and Painting Tutorials To Arrive Soon!

At Tha Movies Goes To War

Dive for cover (4+ cover save!) and get your paint brushes at the ready… At Tha Movies is going to war!

We will be covering all of the latest wargaming and trading card news, reviews, tactics and painting tutorials that any aspiring general could ever hope for! We’ve been very luck by being able to bring together a group of talented experts who will provide exclusive video and written content of the highest standard.

Minx StudioMinx Studio

Minx Studio are internationally recognised miniature painters and they have won a total of eight Golden Daemon Awards, one Slayer Sword and a plethora of trophies from wargaming conventions and painting competitions in the US.

In the near future, Minx Studio will be sharing some of their painting, sculpting and conversion techniques in an easy to follow format with detailed images and descriptions. This will help hobbyists to achieve amazing results from a masterclass series exclusive to At Tha Movies.

Facebook: Minx Studio

Balian Andrea MiniaturesGerry McGee

The tactician and Warhammer 40k strategist, Gerry McGee, is a Throne of Skulls winner and player for a National Team.

He’s a walking enclopedia of all things 40k, has a passion for fluff, statistical odds and developing the perfect army yet, he despises cheesy rules, Nurgle and Space Marine Scouts!

Gerry will be sharing his knowledge of Warhammer 40k including tactics, army builds and competitive tactics, making him the ideal ally and master tactician for At Tha Movies!

Black Templar

James Tighe

While James has never won a competitive tournament, lacks any artistic flair and plays non competitive armies, he takes immense satisfaction from the social aspects of the hobby.

While James could never be described as a ‘guru’, he’s someone who we can all relate to: he has been wargaming for a number of years,  is still a relative novice in many different game systems and views the hobby as an enjoyable pastime with friends and family.

James continues to face many of the same perils (and rewards) that new players encounter: the lack of support for local gaming clubs, excessive prices forced upon parents and having to face overly competitive opponents who bend the rules in their favor.

James will be writing a series of articles that look to delve into the accessibility of the hobby as both a father and as a social wargamer.

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