We Are The Freaks Movie Trailer

We Are The Freaks – Official UK Trailer

We Are The Freaks Plot Synopsis:

Three misfits embark on a weekend they will never forget.

We Are The Freaks – Cast and Crew

Director: Justin Edgar
Writer: Justin Edgar
Starring: Michael Smiley, Jamie Blackley, Sean Teale, Rosamund Hanson, Mike Bailey and Adam Gillen.

Our Thoughts:

After its premiere at the 2013 Edinburgh Film Festival, We Are The Freaks has had mixed reviews. While many appear to have enjoyed the film, others (primarily critics) fail to identify its purpose or are scolding towards its formulaic plot.

Personally, I’m glad that¬†We Are The Freaks is not yet another British Gangster Film. Opposed to revisiting the 1960’s (as so many British films do) the plot is set during the 1980’s. Thankfully it doesn’t tackle the political battle between Margaret Thatcher and the Miners Strike. and the tone of the film appears to be upbeat – a welcomed change from the depressive tradition of British films.

While I have not yet seen We Are The Freaks, going by existing reviews, it would seem that the film attempts to be the UK’s answer to American Teen Comedies. I suspect that from a commercial sense, the filmmakers intend for their film to attract the same market as The Inbetweeners Movie while appealing to those in their 30’s and 40’s who grew up during the era.

If you enjoy films similar to Project X, American Pie or Superbad, then We Are The Freaks may be worth a watch.

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