Is my website or blog relevant

Is my website or blog relevant?

Part 2: Is my website or blog relevant?

The next question to yourself is: Is my website or blog relevant? Relevant is a marketing term used by industry professionals to identify the attributes that make a website unique to its competitors. Think of it as peacocking: a way to stand out from the crowd and to draw attention to yourself.

Taking At Tha Movies as an example, our website is relevant within the geek niche as we provide the following:

  • Inside information from industry experts.
  • Exclusive interviews.
  • Strong voices and opinions from industry experts.
  • Tutorials on how to break into the film, comic-book or video game industry.
  • In depth articles about the history of film, comic-books, wargaming and video game industries.
  • We make use of real life scenarios.
  • We syndicate high quality sources of geek related news including the trades.
  • Podcasts.
  • Award winning video content.
  • Columnists who are established within the Entertainment industry.

Unless you’re able to identify a number of different factors that separate you from your competitors, then there is absolutely no point in you starting a new blog or website. If you’re still determined to proceed, then you must reevaluate your plan and devise unique angles so that your website/blog becomes ‘relevant‘.

Next: Is it inevitable that my relevant website will become useful?

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