Wrestlemania 29 Suffered Major Production Problems

Wrestle Mania 29
Wrestlemania 29

It’s being reported that there were a number of complications during the production of Wrestlemania 29.

At the Hall of Fame ceremony, some fans who arrived at Madison Square Garden were told their seats were actually curtained off and were taken to different seats.

During WrestleMania, there were some glitches with the video monitors in the arena during the pre-show, but they were resolved for the PPV.There were many fans whose views were obstructed by the 4 huge pillars around the ring. Fans who complained were relocated to better seats, but overall, there were far fewer complaints than WrestleMania 28, where the huge palm trees blocked a lot of people’s views.

There were major time constraints at WrestleMania 29 last night. Besides the eight-person tag team match being nixed, several backstage segments were also nixed. WWE also had time set aside for the America the Beautiful to open the show but that didn’t happen either.

Source: Ewrestlingnews.com
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