Yoda Will Be In Star Wars Episode VII

Yoda Will Be In Star Wars Episode VII

Time to grab a pinch of salt. According to a mysterious source at CBR, Yoda will be in Star Wars Episode VII. The rumor suggests that Yoda will appear as a Force Ghost to warn Luke Skywalker of a new malicious presence that rising in power. Yoda is believed to conclude that Skywalker will have to preserve the Jedi Order.

Another tidbit of information, is that there will be holograms in the film that display the faces of some of the most heroic and famous Jedi to have ever existed. The holograms will be in the background of shots in the New Jedi Temple and will feature Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Jon Ginn, Mace Windu and Yoda.

By using Yoda as a plot device, the writers are able to tap into nostalgia, continue the theme of Luke receiving advice from the netherworld, add further mysticism to the Force, (how can Jedi with no blood and thus no Midichlorians in a physical body come back as a Force Ghost!?) and continue the notion that the power of the Darkside allows the Sith to hide their malicious intent from the Lightside users of the Force.

The only problem, is that this raises more questions than answers:

1) What the hell has Luke been doing all this time if the Jedi still face extinction?

2) If the Sith can hide themselves from the Lightside, then how can a Lightside Force Ghost know more than a living Jedi Master?

3) Where the duce is Ben Kenobi? (from a storytelling perspective)

4) Why idolize the Jedi who are responsible for the deaths of billions of peaceful beings by bringing about the fall of the Jedi Order? *dives for cover* ‘No blasters, no blasters!’

5) Why idolize the very Jedi who over three films, strongly opposed any physical relationships, when the story of Star Wars Episode VII is believed to involve a Jedi Master and his child/children?

Okay, so to be fair I should point out few more benefits of the above rumors… should they prove to be true…

A) More Yoda!

B) A plot device that moves the story forward and gives reason to Luke Skywalker taking a supporting role (i.e. needs to focus on protecting Padawans and to pass on his knowledge to others)

It’s crazy of me to even scratch the surface of mere gossip, but by The Force, its great fun!

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