Ziggler Talks About Life On The Road

Dolf Ziggler Wins World Heavyweight Championship on RAW
Dolf Ziggler Wins World Heavyweight Championship on RAW

Fox Sports have just published a very interesting interview with Nick Nemeth better known as WWE Superstar Dolf Ziggler:

I’m gone pretty much five days a week all over the world You’re going to miss birthdays, weddings, your kids growing up – you’re going to miss a lot of things. That’s the sacrifice you make when you come into this industry. You have to go out there every single night; you just come out and do some shows … it is strenuous, you’re constantly in a plane, in the airport or rental car.

We get (to the arena) early anywhere from 1-2pm for a nine o’clock shows…  Just because of how the live show atmosphere is and things are constantly changing.

It’s a long day but it’s catered, we have the ring there to try some new things, we can get a workout in, it’s a long day but we need to be there to get ready for a big TV show… then Tuesday night we film SmackDown and each day is a very similar thing, wake-up, grab some food, try and get a workout, get to the town for the live event and straight onto the next town.”

We put our bodies on the line every single night and some people might not realise that part… It’s genuinely not fake, it’s a TV show, it’s very real and very dangerous… If you end up not working then you’re not getting paid so it’s really important for us to make sure there’s a difference between being hurt and being injured.

Even when we have a great match and no one is hurt there is always a stiff neck, you’re always going to have something and it’s hard to deal with sometimes, maybe you have a sore neck and then going on a long plane ride but the superstars we travel with are some of the toughest people in the entire world.

We are improvisational professionals because we go out and do what we do and it’s not like a movie script where people go through the motions and we’re done. We’re out there entertaining people in a live audience and sometimes things don’t go as planned – as long as we put on a great show and entertain and I pride myself as being one of the best sports entertainers in the world.”

I’ve always found the lifestyle of a wrestler as well as what happens backstage more fascinating than the live events.

At one point, TNA focused on making their television show more reality based and during this period their rating increased dramatically. The illusion that wrestling is real no longer exists and I think that it’s perhaps time to take a risk and show the real elements of wrestling.

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