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A QUICK BITE BEFORE I GO: An Info-Graphic of What Celebrities Ate Before They Died

By [email protected] (Elizabeth Young)

With the advent of social media I truly believed that our Need-to-Know-Now obsession concerning celebrities had reached the pinnacle of Creepy Stalker-like behavior, but no, instead we are at a point where we can create info-charts on what famous dead people put into their mouths right before they died.


Created by Sarah Lazarovic at the National Post, this handy-dandy morbid chart not only lists “Last Meals”, it also helps to determine the caloric intake and fanciness of said celebrities’ choices so that you are better able to pass judgement.

Perhaps we can start taking bets on what future dead celebrities had in their stomachs before their demise, personally, I’m better on the entire Kardashian Klan biting it on a Royal Caribbean Cruise after overdosing on anti-depressants, Nutella and Martini Rosi Asti.

Was that bitchy?

Source: Foodiggity

Source: Forces of Geek


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